Benefits To Care & Support Providers

Discover how NCQPA can benefit your care organisation.

NCQPA helps to protect your care organisation

Commissioning or employing a credible and competent care quality professional, consultancy organisation, trainer or training provider is paramount to the protection and reputation of your business, staff/team and service to potentially vulnerable people.
We all know that literally anybody can set up as a care consultant. It is not a legally protected title. Using and endorsing NCQPA registered members means you can be more confident while adding an extra layer of protection and a further safeguard for your business and service when commissioning or employing a care quality professional. 

All of our members have to agree to our code of ethics and professional conduct as well as meeting high level of quality assessment framework standards.

We are happy to share the framework with you which was piloted and developed for a year with CQC rated good and outstanding care and support providers as well as sector leading care quality professionals. 

National care associations and independent care groups are working closely with NCQPA to reach agreements which will mutually benefit all of our members.

A framework that benefits care organisations

Our framework for NCQPA has been expertly designed with your service users, and your care organisation in mind.

All members must meet the high standards within the framework, along with agreeing to our code of ethics and professional conduct.